Thought for the Week

Thought For the Week

    MARCH 18, 2023



If you were to describe what God’s true church looks like, what would be your description? In Revelation, the letter to the church of Philadelphia gives us some clues as to their characteristics. They loved God and they loved others in the world and sought to share the gospel with them. The word of God was translated into the common languages of the world, so that people could learn truth from God’s word. During this time period, the Seventh-day Adventist Church was started. Leaders studied the Bible to find truth rather than rely on the traditions that had been taught. Would we be comfortable worshiping in one of those early Adventist congregations? They followed the word of God and continued to grow in truth and in membership, but we are very different in many aspects from them. After a couple of decades, the truth about Righteousness by Faith was discovered and was taught by some, but others didn’t like this new teaching. However, one who did accept it was E. G. White and this new truth changed her writings from this time forward. Do we stand on the side of Bible truth?

In Christ’s love,
Pastor Marvin