Thought for the Week

October 22, 2021

Be Still and Grow

Psalm 46:10

We’ve been through a lot the past couple years as a church family and have seen both the devil and our Heavenly Father hard at work in our lives. We’ve been bombarded by discouragement, distractions, distrust, and disillusion in various ways since the onset of the pandemic and all that’s left is distance between each other and God. Temptations to believe all “dis” is our lot and all there is. Thank God this is not the whole story! The pain we have observed, felt, taken to heart, and grown weary from is what Christ came to set us free from and desires to bring us closer together—closer to Him. The challenge has been: where do we set our focus? When we recognize the good in others and God at work, we begin to see that more easily. But we can’t expect that to just happen, passively. No, it is a daily commitment to be still and know.

When we are still, when we take time to halt everything to pursue the Holy Spirit in prayer, we are filled with the Spirit and a deeper awareness of Him at work in and around us. The space we share with Him, when we are still and seeking, frees us to begin to see His power at work in us. We are able to continue seeing Him around us, even in our struggles. This week we will look at what it means to “be still and know that the Lord is God,” and how He, in our stillness, leads us to “be still and grow.” Please join us Sabbath morning, in person or on Zoom!


Much love,

Blake E.