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September 13, Wednesday, is the Annual George Fox University (GFU) “Serve Day” from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. There will be 7-8 GFU students here to work at our church on various tasks – cleaning and working outside. If you would like to volunteer to work alongside with the student helpers, please contact Dennis Triplett, Head Deacon, who is coordinating this event. Thank you!










Camp Meeting is July 13-15 for Spanish and July 18-22 for English! If you would like to volunteer in any of the departments, please fill out the online Volunteer Registration form at https://orad.us/signup


Descriptions for all positions are on the conference website. There are a limited number of paid positions available for kitchen and cleaning crew staff during Camp Meeting, as well as the Summer Grounds Crew (16+) June-July. Thank you for signing up now and helping with Camp Meeting!


Kerry Nelson

Campground Coordinator



Camp Meeting Reservations



Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

19800 Oatfield Rd

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Volunteers are always needed. If you would like to volunteer and just don't know where to start, click on the different Ministries tab and check out Community Services, Home & Garden and Personal Ministries. Or, feel free to use the "Contact Us" option or send an email to: pastors.secretary@newbergadventist.org

God bless!




Thank you to the volunteers that were able to help at the Church Work Bee on Sunday, May 1, from 1-5 PM. We concentrated our efforts to clean the upholstery on the blue chairs and there were "lots" of them! Right at 5 PM the last chair was scrubbed! The only thing left was the final spray and vacuum of the upholstery on the remaining chairs and to clean some repair pieces.  This Sabbath we hope you enjoy sitting on clean chairs in your Sabbath School Classrooms and at the next Fellowship Dinner. Thank you to Pastor Marvin, Tracy Weakly, Doug Ausmus (repaired chairs and other tasks), Dennis Triplett, Jeannie Hanes, Reg Maas, Violet Keightley, Ben Calvert (Presbyterian Church) & Sofia Stone. Great job everyone for the teamwork!
The Garden Committee – Bob Young, Donna Young and Lester Payne took advantage of the beautiful weather to plow and mow.
Alvin Erickson worked on removing cabinets in the kitchen so the freezer could be moved into the kitchen area; Karen Maas focused working on the Primary Classroom; Joe Van Dyke had plans to work on changing filters; unfortunately, the parts did not arrive so he made himself available to do other tasks.
The volunteers worked very hard and afterwards relaxed to a meal of Subway sandwiches after all that grueling work.
Thank you everyone!