Personal Ministries

Personal Ministries:

Donna Schacher, Head



2022 Devotional Books are wonderful for holiday gift giving or for your personal daily devotion time. Contact Donna Schacher, Personal Ministries, 503-625-1976 for more information. Sales discounts apply when you order through our church. A bulk order is usually desired so books are received before the Christmas holiday. See flyer on the bulletin board.


Adult: The Hope of Glory by John Bradshaw & Our High Calling by Ellen G.       White

Women’s:  Covered and Carried by Carolyn Rathburn Sutton

Young Adult: Things They Never Taught Me by Tompaul Wheeler

Teen:  113 Reasons by Javier Girarte Guillen

Junior & Earliteen:  More Power to Ya by Celeste Perrino

Primary:  Heroes in Training by Vicki Redden

Preschool: Love Letters From Jesus by Rosanne C. Tetz



Personal Ministries

Need ideas on how you can get involved  in doing personal ministries?

Everyone has something to contribute - write notes to individuals, contact someone with a personal phone call to let them know you were thinking of them, offer prayers to people you know that are going through a difficult time, share a Bible promise or text with those you come in contact with, be encouraging to everyone you meet, share a smile with people you meet. It doesn't cost anything to do a lot of these personal ministries; however, it is sharing your personal time with others. Ask for the Holy Spirit to guide and direct in all things and HE will show you what to do. God bless!